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BiH Court of BiH is a copy of the Hague Tribunal, and the German Christian Schmidt is an attempted executioner of Republika Srpska


Director of the Republika Srpska Center for Socio-Political Research /CDPI/ Dušan Pavlović told SRNA that the Court of BiH is a copy of the Hague Tribunal, and the German Christian Schmidt is an attempted executioner of Republika Srpska, which is why all responsible citizens of Srpska now have an opportunity to publicly defend the essence of identity and the survival of their people.

Pavlović pointed out that the statement by Schmidt – who, without a UN mandate, falsely represents himself as the high representative in BiH, where he calls for the rule of law – during the threats and attacks on the Patron Saint’s Day of Republika Srpska, January 9, must be understood in the context of German geopolitical plans and long-term processes.

“These plans, which are more than 150 years old, aim at the political and economic occupation of these areas and all the peoples who live in them, without choosing the means. We can see the consequences of this and such German policies through the millions of victims and destruction in these parts in the two world wars and the destruction of SFRY in the 1990s. Nazi Germany is most directly responsible for the genocide of the Serbs in the NDH – it made it possible and directly participated in it,” Pavlović emphasized.


Pavlović said that actions by the German Schmidt, a member of Nazi structures according to the materials published by the Center – since he illegally entered the OHR and the moves he is making indicate the continuity of the German geopolitical agenda in these parts.

“The German Schmidt, with a German diplomatic document, carried out a kind of coup d’état in BiH and in some way put the Dayton Agreement and the Constitution of BiH out of force. He, as an individual without any mandate, except for a German diplomatic passport, forcibly imposes laws, forces the parliament to adopt his decisions as laws, and puts on trial all those who do not comply with his decisions. Even Monty Python would not have succeeded in giving birth to this kind of tragicomedy,” emphasized Pavlović.

Of course, Pavlović says, since the Center deals with long-term processes and the observation of social reality and phenomena, it should be noted that the totalitarian manners and practices of the German Schmidt, the attempted executioner of Republika Srpska, should be viewed in the context of his ideological idols.

“Namely, when the Nazis occupied the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941 and split the Serbian people into several occupation zones /sounds familiar?/ they immediately started court proceedings against the organizers of and participants in the putsch of March 27, 1941. All those who then dared to oppose the Nazis and Hitler were tried by Hitler’s order in Belgrade before courts under Nazi control. Does it sound familiar?” Pavlović asked.

Also, since the Serbian enemies, through the media that they keep under their /NATO/ control, are trying to insert a narrowed image of reality into the consciousness and carry out a kind of hypnosis of the population, Pavlović reminded that even the Hague Tribunal constantly claimed that they are not trying the Serbian people but individuals, however, when you look at the verdict handed down to General Ratko Mladić, it can be seen that all the residents of Republika Srpska older than 16 are held responsible with him!

“We all know more than well that the Court of BiH is a copy of the Hague Tribunal and all those who claim today that the Serbian people and Republika Srpska are not tried before the Court of BiH are knowingly lying to us and have no honorable intentions,” said Pavlović.


Pavlović pointed out that these are only moves at the tactical level within the strategy of Germany and some other members of NATO and the political West.

“In this sense, I also warned about the German Schmidt’s intention to ban the main symbols of our freedom and identity, the patron saint’s day and the Republika Srpska Day, January 9. After that comes the taking of territory and the banning of the patron saint’s day, ceremonial bread and koliva in our homes as well because they also would certainly offend someone. This would be the beginning of our expulsion and disappearance of Serbs from these parts, that is, the disappearance of Republika Srpska, as the Serbs’ response to the possibility of a new genocide in 1992.

This scenario emerges as a reality, especially when taking into account the rapid and systematic strengthening of radical Islamist structures in the FBiH, which the German Schmidt and his political and ideological mentors deliberately hide from the public, and therefore enable their development,” warned Pavlović.

The German institutions, including the parliament, although informed about everything, he says, still did not deny the German Schmidt, the attempted executioner, a diplomatic passport and status.

“By all accounts, this will be a very interesting topic in the future! They still have room to get out of this very awkward situation. It’s the time of various viruses and pandemics…,” Pavlović said.

The director of the Republika Srpska Center for Socio-Political Research said that this is also a real opportunity for all responsible Serbs and all citizens of Republika Srpska to publicly defend the essence of Serbian identity and survival.

“Perhaps this is one of the last opportunities to come together on a personal and national level,” emphasized Pavlović.


Source: srna.rs


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