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BiH in vassal relation trough high representative


The existence of the institution of a high representative in BiH is only a continuation of the colonial management of the world’s great powers, which are trying to maintain a vassal relationship, Gregory Simons, a professor at the University of Uppsala and a lecturer at the Department of Communication Studies at Turiba University, assesses for SRNA.

“It’s not an unusual historical practice. This is what colonial powers do. They usually have their own representative in the country. Britain had governors who were above the law, the Nazis had Gauleiter. This is exactly what we need to look at through the relationship of power and strength. They want BiH to be a country that will be in a subordinate and dependent position,” says Simons.

Simons questions how the US can use the rhetoric of establishing order in the international system, when it violates that principle, because countries do not have the right to determine their own future.

Also, he states that the US has abandoned the world order based on the rule of law, and is now advocating the principle of the rule of rules.

“Rules are not the same as law. They do what they want. We can also make a comparison with Syria. They have no basis to be in Syria. Iraq asked them to leave their territory, they ignore it and intend to send a special envoy.” points out Simons, who today held a lecture in Banjaluka on the topic “Information politics and world order: interpretations and production of meaning”.

Professor Simons is the author and/or editor of 17 books, 30 book chapters and more than 120 articles. As an expert, he made around 400 public appearances and gave 350 interviews to the media around the world.


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