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BiH is not on the list – nothing since joining EU countries on July 1st


Bosnia and Herzegovina is not on the list of countries whose citizens will be allowed to enter the European Union from July 1.

The main criterion for the country to be on the list, which will be corrected every 14 days, is the declining rate of infection. The agreement should be confirmed by all member states.

Radio Free Europe had an insight into the list of countries made late on Friday, June 26, after a six-hour meeting, for the fifth time in a row, at the level of ambassadors of EU member states in order to find a common position on the EU’s external borders.

The updated list now includes less than 20 countries for whose citizens the European Union could open its borders from July 1, among which, from the region, only Serbia and Montenegro.

Other countries in the Western Balkans, such as Albania and Northern Macedonia, have not been discussed.

At the same time, it is recommended that Chinese citizens can enter the EU, but that does not apply to American citizens.




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