BiH is the Second County in the World in Terms of Mortality caused by Coronavirus


    Bosnia and Herzegovina has become the second country in the world in terms of coronavirus mortality per million inhabitants in Europe.

    According to Worldometers statistics, BiH has reached 3,134 deaths per million inhabitants, which is more than the other Hungary, which has 3,128 deaths per million inhabitants.

    In front of BiH on the world scale is only Peru with 5,934 deaths per million inhabitants.

    Worldometers adds that Bosnia and Herzegovina has had 225,857 cases of infection so far, and 10,203 people have died. 192,218 patients recovered, and a total of 1,188,929 tests were performed.

    There are currently 23,436 active cases.

    BH authorities urge citizens to adhere to measures and calls for vaccination.

    So far, a total of 623,900 doses of coronavirus vaccines have been given in the Federation of BiH, of which 395,553 were vaccinated with the first dose and 228,347 with the second dose.

    According to information from the FBiH Public Health Institute, in the period from March 8 to September 12, the most vaccinated were registered in the Sarajevo Canton (183,730), and the least in the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (8,796).

    In that period, 117,966 people were vaccinated with the first dose in the Sarajevo Canton, and 65,764 people were revaccinated. At the same time, 130,415 (first dose 81,832, second dose 48,583), ZDK 94,522 (first dose 63,220, second dose 31,302), USK 47,649 (first dose 28,540, second dose 19,109) were vaccinated in Tuzla Canton.




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