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BiH judicial institutions do not contribute to reconciliation


September 22  – Judicial institutions at the BiH level do not contribute to basic equality before the law principles of citizens, as well as coexistence and reconciliation in the region, stated attendees of a meeting that took place in the Republika Srpska Ministry of Justice on Tuesday.
Srpska Justice Minister, Anton Kasipovic, president of the Republika Srpska Veterans’ Organisations, Milomir Savcic, and Head of the Research Centre of War, War Crimes and Tracing Missing Persons, Milorad Kojic, discussed today the issues referring to the prosecution of war crimes by the judicial institutions at the state level.

Modalities and methods of the implementation of decisions made by the Republika Srpska National Assembly on the obligations of the institutions in both Srpska and BiH, have been agreed in the meeting.

Kasipovic spoke about the obligations, stemming from the conclusions and decision of the Republika Srpska National Assembly, the Ministry of Justice has implemented so far and specified the methods other obligations would be implemented accordingly, the Srpska Ministry of Justice announced.

Source: SRNA
Photo: Novosti.rs


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