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BIH Ministry of defence has announced vacancy notice for 815 military personnel


Today, the Ministry of Defense of BiH has published a public advertisement on the official web site for completing 815 formations in the Armed Forces, which lasts 21 days from the day of its publication.
Advertisement is open for high school graduates, as well as graduates of high school who meet the ad definition requirements, such as physical fitness and age.

In this way, the BiH Ministry of Defense provides the opportunity for young people to work with a secure salary, as well as the possibility of training and building a career in the Armed Forces of BiH, the Ministry said.

The selection will start with the assessment of the correctness of the applications. Interested candidates will have to meet the basic and special ad conditions.

Testing of the candidates will be done at the Recruitment Centers in Sarajevo at the barracks “Rajlovac”, in Banja Luka at Kozara barracks, in Capljina at the barracks “Bozan Simovic” and in Tuzla at the military base “Dubrave Airport”.

After testing, the selection panel will conduct the interview with the most successful, and select and nominate candidates for the BiH Defense Minister to refer to basic military training.

Before sending, the selected candidates will have to undergo medical examinations and security checks.

Candidates who successfully complete basic military training are admitted to the military service in the initial rank of soldiers.

The deadline for submission of applications with accompanying documentation to the public advertisement is 21 days from the date of its publication on the official website of the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

The necessary information and application forms can be downloaded from the Ministry of Defense web site at www.mod.gov.ba or from the Recruitment and Transition Centers.



Source: Srna


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