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BiH security agencies prevented the entry of terrorist


BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic has stated that BiH security agencies last night prevented the entry of a foreign national into BiH about whom there are reliable information that he is close to the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations and groups.
“This person tried to misuse the visa regime liberalization, but he was disclosed at the Sarajevo International Airport, where he was detained and then returned to his home country,” Mektic told reporters in Sarajevo. 

Mektic could not announce the citizenship of this person because, according to him, it is about security-confidential information on a person known to be a terrorist. 

Given the close ties this person has with various radical groups in the world, Mektic says, that the person poses a threat to the security of BiH and its citizens, and as such will be closely monitored and not allowed to enter BiH. 

Mektic has confirmed that the BiH Security Ministry has a number of suspicious persons, that can be linked to radicalism and terrorism, on its internal list. 

He has stated that these persons are under constant surveillance by security agencies in BiH. 

source: SRNA


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