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BiH security agencies wiretapping President Dodik


President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik has confirmed he is being wiretapped by the security services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that an order to “put him under surveillance” was issued on the basis of a request of the prosecutor’s office in Sarajevo for an investigation they have launched, but he does not know what kind of a probe it is.
Dodik said he was notified by a court in Sarajevo that wiretapping measures were taken against him and added he was the most persecuted man in BiH. 

“This is not a novelty since I know my conversations are wiretapped by ten agencies at least. However, this is about a BiH court wiretapping the president of Republika Srpska and that’s a problem,” Dodik told Vecernje Novosti in Belgrade. 

Dodik says he does not know why the court sent him a notification about it and presumes they were afraid he could find out some other way and that it could turn into a major problem. 

“This way they can say, there, we informed you,” he said. 

He added it wasn’t a problem for him anymore and that he was quite amused by it. “I don’t know why they are wiretapping me when I openly say I advocate an independent Republika Srpska,” said the Srpska president. 

Dodik stated he wasn’t surprised by the launching of an investigation against him either because it had become common practice. 

“Whenever Dnevni Avaz reports Dodik is a criminal, a prosecutor opens an investigation. I am the most persecuted man in BiH,” he submitted. 

According to the information obtained by the Belgrade daily, the notification explains that the court opted for wiretapping because evidence against Dodik could not be gathered in any other way. 

The newspaper notes that this is not the first scandal by the security agencies in BiH regarding wiretapping of Serbian politicians and recalls an affair codenamed Usce, which included tougher intelligence measures against officials from Serbia and people they were meeting with. 

The Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina /ISA/ then recorded the conversations of Serbian officials and conducted surveillance during their visits to BiH. 

Croat member of the BiH Presidency Dragan Covic recently strongly accused Sarajevo and the local intelligence agencies claiming that ISA had developed parallel systems and wiretapped him on orders of “certain individuals and a political party”. 




Source: srna


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