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BiH’s Bingo takes over Interex shopping malls


A few weeks ago the largest domestic retail chain, Bingo from Tuzla, requested permission from the BiH Competition Council to takeover Interex shopping malls. The information was officially confirmed today and the Competition Council approved the purchase.

This information comes at a time when the domestic market is succumbing to the control of the Croatian Konzum. At the same time the Slovenian company TUS is withdrawing from BiH, leaving local suppliers in debt and in numerous problems. With TUS’s departure and the illegal firing of workers,  a procedure has been launched before the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH seeking the respect for workers rights and a penalty for unfair dismissal.

The purchase of Interex by the local Bingo is believed to be a move towards avoiding the fate of TUS and the loss of workplaces.

Bingo currently has 100 stores in BiH and more than 3,500 employees. By taking over Interex the number of objects will increase to 120 and the number of employees to 4,300.



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