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Bijeljina Agricultural Fund Continues to Pay Incentives


The City of Bijeljina has paid KM 170,300 in incentives for last year’s production to farmers in Semberija, according to the City Administration.

Deputy director of the local Agrarian Fund Zdravko Mikić stated that this payment covers 720 farmers.

The incentive in the form of interest recourse was granted to 260 producers in the total amount of KM 22,900, for the organized purchase of fruits and vegetables KM 79,400 was paid to 250 farmers, and for the support of greenhouse production and irrigation, KM 32,400 was paid.

As part of the livestock support program, KM 35,600 was paid to heifer farmers.

The Agrarian Fund’s budget for 2019 was KM 1,100,000 and the same amount is foreseen for this year.

Financial support for Semberija farmers is paid according to the Regulations on the Method and Conditions of Incentives in Agricultural Production, and the Fund Usage Program is adopted every year at the City Hall.




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