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Bijeljina: Talent painted through 80 works of art


That painting in Bijeljina has a bright future, is confirmed by the Association of Fine Artists “Sveti Luka”, which joins more and more talented Semberians, both young people and those who ventured into it only in adulthood.

– The number of members is increasing year by year and we are pleased that more and more young people, but also that our association, which has existed for more than a decade, is taking on a regional character because we are joined by creators from neighboring cities – said the president of the association “Saint Port “Panto Pantic.

In addition to creating works of art, they are also known for their humanitarian work, and Pantić points out that they participated in two actions this year by donating works for humanitarian purposes.

Artists from the Association “Sveti Luka” presented themselves at the traditional exhibition of works, which was put up for the seventh time in the Gallery of the Cultural Center “Semberija”. This year, 32 authors presented themselves with 80 works that visitors will be able to enjoy until December 20th.

Gallery curator Milijanko Miholjcic said that the works are exhibited by numerous creators who have not completed an art or art academy but have achieved remarkable results in the field of amateur painting.

– The quality of the works of the creators of St. Luke’s is a confirmation that we have not made the mistake of giving them space in which professional artists exhibit. The maturation of individual artists is evident from year to year, and given the quality of their work, many of them can parlay their works with professionals – said Miholjčić.

Stupar has long been involved in painting, and she found her place in the association several years ago.

– I have been involved in painting since I was a kid, although life has taken me on completely different paths. For the last five years I have been actively involved in painting, and most of all I love to do portraits with the oil on canvas technique. So far, I have participated in three exhibitions organized by our association, and in this one I have presented three works, a rural landscape, an icon and a portrait of a painter – says Stupareva.

One of the newer members of this association is the young artist Bojan Petricevic, whose love is photography. Two photographs were presented to his fellow citizens.

– I find that artistic photography in our area is at a very low level. Photographers do not opt ​​for this step, somehow it has become commercialized today. It was for this reason that I wanted to show the photo in an artistic way – said Petričević.

Panto Pantić pointed out that the Association “Sveti Luka” still does not have its own space for work, which significantly impedes their functioning.

– We hope to resolve this issue in the future as well – said Pantic.




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