Home Business “BIO Factory”, a Family Business of the Božić Family From Pale

“BIO Factory”, a Family Business of the Božić Family From Pale


The Božić family from Pale came up with the idea to start a “BIO factory”, as an interesting story related to the production of healthy food according to a traditional, domestic recipe. They currently offer a large number of products that are produced exclusively from vegetables and fruits from their own garden.

Milica Božić says that, despite the fact that both her husband and she were educated for different professions, they have been cultivating the idea of ​​creating a “BIO Factory” for many years.

– We both come from families where home-made food has always been prepared and consumed. We have our own garden and enjoy working with land, vegetables, and fruits. They say that direct contact with the soil relieves stress and I think that is true. Although I don’t like to mention the coronavirus, I think that this situation has its good sides, and that is that in this period we all turned to our family, ourselves and what we have, and what we didn’t have time for before – says Božić.

She says that she has the impression that people are now aware that they need to eat, live, and support each other healthily.

– We currently offer tomato sauce, chokeberry tea, apple, and Japanese apple chips, homemade carrot and horseradish salad, homemade Vegeta (a condiment which is a mixture primarily of salt with flavor enhancers, spices, and various vegetables), and various types of homemade pasta – soup pasta, pilaf, lean pasta from beets, turmeric, spinach, and cuttlefish ink. We have purchased a professional dryer for drying fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, pasta and we plan to dry many products – says Božić.

Božić adds that they only did not choose a good period of the year for the purchase of products, because the highest quality fruits and vegetables arrive at the end of summer and in autumn, and she adds that then the price is the most favorable.

– The motto we will adhere to is to use only products from domestic cultivation and not to deceive our customers by “planting” bad products. The tomato sauce we currently have in stock was made in the fall, most products will be in limited quantities, only pasta can be produced throughout the year – adds Božić.

She says they make all the pasta by hand, and that they only use pasta cutting machines to make them equal.

– Rarely does anyone produce pasta in this way. True pasta lovers will always recognize the homemade, handmade. We plan to produce domestic juices, as well as cold-pressed juices – Milica points out.

He says that they are currently working “online”, via the Internet or on a phone call, where customers have the opportunity to order a product, which is delivered to their home address.

– At the beginning of next year, our products will be available in several health food stores. You can also find the products of “BIO Factory” at the City Market of Pale. Our customers are mostly people who are aware of healthy eating and we are really pleasantly surprised how many people are aware of the importance of a healthy diet. More and more people are turning to healthy food, but unfortunately, there are very few people who deal with it – says Božić.

Milica says that our country has exceptional resources for food production, such as healthy water, fertile land, clean air, and that only more people need to decide or dare to take such a step.

– I do not like to criticize the state, or at any time, who wants and likes to work, he finds a job, but definitely, the state could deal more with this issue, not only in the form of subsidies but to provide the market and placement through the legal framework domestic products, while restricting imports. As long as imported products are cheaper and more affordable, our people, who are unfortunately economically at the bottom of the scale, will buy cheaper, although it is worse, because it cannot be otherwise – Milica points out.

She says that their idea of ​​starting a “factory” of healthy food was conceived as a small family business, in the production of which several members of the Božić family are involved.

– Our goal is to justify and maintain quality and the intention is to stay within the framework of small production because everything big turns into the industry and loses its charm – adds Božić.

You can also find out more about the products of the “BIO factory” through social networks where they publish all content related to the production of healthy food, such as the “Facebook” or “Instagram” page. You can also contact them by phone at 065/527 – 595.




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