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Bisi broke the Guinness World Record


Ibro Basaric Bisi, the young cyclist from Capljina, broke the Guinness record in bicycle riding at the last point on a 100-meter long track in USRC Midhat Hujdur Hujka in Mostar. The selector of the National football team of BiH Mehmed Bazdarevic attended the record breaking as the official timekeeper.

“The previous record was 12.74 seconds and I set a new record of 12,554, which is a lot better, and I am very pleased with this because I managed to realize what I planned,” said Ibro Basaric.

Basaric was breaking this record before, but the time was not recognized due to technical details. The weather conditions were not favorable for the new recorder since the wind blew in an unfavorable direction and made it harder for him to drive.

Before the race, Basaric said that he did not prepare for this attempt since he spent most of his time preparing the start. Until today, a twenty-two-year-old Austrian Austin Stock held this record, and he achieved the time of 12.74 seconds.

Ibro is engaged in these specific versions of cycling sports for 7 years now, and he is driving a specially crafted BMX. After this record breaking, he is planning a number of other records as well.

Mehmed Bazdarevic, the selector of the National football team of BiH, played an important role in this record breaking as well, and he was supposed to officially confirm that the record was broken.

“I am happy for this record because our child, our man, managed to break this record. This kind of success, this step forward, needs to be supported, and we wish him numerous other successes,” said selector Bazdarevic.




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