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Bjelasnica: Richness of nature at an altitude of 2,000 meters


Bjelasnica is a mountain located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and belongs to the Dinaric mountain system. Especially during the summer, nature lovers have the chance to experience the charm of this Olympic mountain.

When asked about the explanation of the name Bjelasnica, residents explained that it is named Bjelasnica because it is covered with snow from November to May, and sometimes in the summer months. The Olympic beauty of Bjelasnica these days is the right place for a vacation and a complete escape from the city crowds and everyday life.

Bjelasnica Mountain offers the tourists diversity and richness of nature at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters. Small hills overgrown with summer plants, a game of floral paint and clean air- are enough reasons to tour this mountain.

Thirty-two species of endemic plants, flowers and trees living in this tiny region of the Dinaric Alps. The crystal clear water canyon, powered by mountain streams is suitable for drinking along the entire canyon. Canyon is possible to visit and explore in the period from May to October.

Bjelasnica is known for its multitude of authentic mountain villages with a specific architectural style. Lately, Bjelasnica villages recorded increase in both domestic and foreign tourists who enjoy the scenery and the local cuisine. When speaking about accommodation, there is an increasing offer of private accommodation. That this region was inhabited since ancient times, numerous localities of ancient civilizations such as remain from the Roman period, and the medieval Bosnian state can be seen. Moreover, the area of Bjelasnica and local villages are known for the special kind of sheep.

Due to the harsh terrain Bjelasnica is popular among fans of extreme skiing. Today, there are several hotels and a large capacity holiday accommodation.


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