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Bled: The Secret of the Church Bell


Bled is a town on Lake Bled in the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia. One of the biggest attractions of Bled is certainly the lake, which has healing properties. But, the really interesting thing is located in the middle of the lake, an island with a church in which there is a bell, that, according to legend, grants wishes.

The legend says that a young widow, whose husband was murdered by robbers and his body dumped in the lake, once lived in the town of Bled. The widow invested her gold and silver to make a bell for the chapel. But the bell never reached its destination, because strong winds flooded the boat along with the bell. After that accident, the desperate widow sold the entire property and donated the money for a new church on the island, and went to a convent in Rome, where she lived devoutly until her death. After her death, the Pope consecrated the new bell and sent it to the town of Bled.

Even today, when the night sky is clear, the bell can be heard from the depths.

So, it is believed that whoever rings the bell and wishes something, the wish is fulfilled .

The so-called “wish granting bell” in the church, on the island of Bled, was poured out in 1534 by Franziscus Patavinus in the Italian city of Padua.




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