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Blogometar 15 – Research Results


This research was conducted in 6 countries on 701 bloggers, from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. Researchers from Bee Blog Network say that their work included not only most important issues not only for bloggers and internet society, but also for the public opinion as well.

In the USA, for instance, more than half bloggers (54%) complements the salary with earning from a blog. In our region, 21% of bloggers had a chance to improve their budget earning some money from a blog.

When it comes to sponsored texts, 64% of the questioned bloggers think that the sponsored texts should be marked as the payed/promotional material, and 13 percent has a negative perception on this kind of content.

If you’re interested in perception of the blog writers in region, you can download full research on the link: proceniweb.com/blogometar15.  For the additional information about this research contact Aleksandra Vukovic (aleksandra@bpg.digital).

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