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Blue telephone started the promo campaign of new phone line and raising awareness about the violence against children


Blue telephone, consulting line for the children has started promo campaign of new phone line and raising awareness about the problem of the violence against children. In February and March phone line will be promoted on 20 billboards and city-lights for the cause of informing children and adults about the purpose and cause of the Blue telephone, and street actions as well as the short movie with the theme of violence between the children (which will be available on the internet) will be conducted.

„We are all witnessing the presence of family violence and violence between children around us, and consequences on the children which had those experiences, especially when they don’t get proper help and support. Consequences can be very serious and tragic, such as suicide, but also can be very strong, even though maybe not so visible, such as pain, sadness, depression, self-harm etc. The Public is often static and not interested in those topics, because they think it is someone else’s problem, or because they are scared of their own safety. Question of the protection of children is our mutual issue, and we share the responsibility of children’s fate, especially if we know that some child might be threatened.“ stressed Snežana Jondža.

Blue telephone is an anonymous line, so everyone who posses information about the children who could be endangered, can call us and give the information without disclosure of its identity. Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republika Srpska approved the project Blue telephone ”I’m responsible too!” with the goal of raising the awareness about the bullying between youth and show that we can have constructive reaction when it comes to violence between youth. M:tel company, Metromedia and Oskar film supported this project. The line is open at the present 9 – 17h on working days in week, and the goal of Blue telephone is to be available at any moment 24/7.

For more information, you can visit: www.novageneracija.org , www.plavitelefon.ba or call number +387 51 923 270

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