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Board Game “March on the Drina”, a Game for Everyone


Fans of history and strategy games have recently had a new interest – the social game “March on the Drina”.

Central forces on one side, Serbia on the other. The game, designed by the brothers Vukasin and Janko from Zrenjanin, takes us back to World War I.

“The game is played in two to four players, one player leads Serbia, three players lead central forces. The goal of the Central Powers is to take all the cities in the territory of Serbia and hold one circle, and the aim of Serbia is to defend and reclaim all their cities and to hold one circle, “explains Janko Nišavić.

In addition to being fun, the March on the Drina game is educational. With the help of calendars and cards, the most important events of the First World War are described.

“It is specific because it is Serbia and the First World War, the period of our most glorious victory, the most glorious sacrifices, a period that is not mentioned enough today, and thus I wanted to save from oblivion that one of the brightest periods of our history,” says Vukasin Nisavic.

With the help of friends, just over a year ago, Vukasin and Janko came up with the design and rules of the game. They remember that the hardest thing was to make figurines.

“We were looking for a way to make three-dimensional figurines, not just cards, and we were able to draw four types of armies for each country through our buddy who helped us with this, so that they also maintain that period of history, the uniforms are from that period , the generals are from that period, “Vukasin says.

The dice in this game do not exist. It is played with the help of luck cards.

The creators of the game are particularly proud to have inserted an Albanian memorial.

“This is what happens if Serbia does not withstand the onslaught of the Central Powers. She has the ability to pull over Albania, go straight to the Thessaloniki Front and then you get an Albanian memorial and with that Albanian memorial you get some extra skills and again you have some real chance to get back in the game, “Janko describes.

In order to win, the player must carefully plan his strategy and keep the territory for at least two hours.

“There is no possibility of a draw, someone has to be the winner, but if the party does not end in the predicted way, then there are counted cities in the territory of Serbia, who has more cities and has won. The end is never the same, it all depends on your strategy and history can change, “reveals Janko.

Both younger and older can play this game – one to learn and the other to recall history lessons. For now, it can only be found on social networks.


Source: RTS



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