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Bojan Kovačević Is the Best Physicist in Srpska


The twenty-four-year-old physicist Bojan Kovačević from Foča is one year younger than the Physics Study Program at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Banja Luka.

Graduating with a grade point average of 9.96, he enrolled in gold letters in the history of physics of Republika Srpska, as the best student since the founding.

Of the 45 exams, there are 43 10 and two 9 in the Bojan index. These two grades would not there, he says, but simply found themselves in the first year in the process of adjusting to study.







With daily learning and exercise, his favorite physics takes him to the heart of what is happening – the actual functioning of the world.

– It is very important scientific, ie. innovative way of thinking, because only in this way can we contribute to society and prosper together – says Bojan.

He first loved physics when he was in elementary school. Mostly from the famous Foča high school professor Dragan Kovač.

The best physicist in Srpska is still learning. In anticipation of employment, he believes in the future of young scientists and favorite physicists.

– The plan is to finish the master studies I have enrolled in. I wish that in the future I would be interested in the popularization of science, to involve as many young people as possible in science and to show that physics is not a fool – adds Bojan.

Kovacevic’s childhood has been accompanied by another talent. He explains that the fusion of science and art, in harmony, makes the artist an artist and vice versa.

He was awarded the Golden Badge with the image of Nikola Tesla by the University of Banja Luka.

Source: RTRS


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