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Bojan Ljubisic is the best athlete of Republika Srpska in 2019


Handball from Banja Luka’s “Fighter M: tel” Bojan Ljubisic is the best athlete of the Republic of Srpska for this year because, according to the expert jury of the 65th Choice of the 10 best athletes organized by Glas Srpske, he was the most deserving to win the Cup in 2019 BiH, second in the BiH Premier League and placed in the quarter-finals of the Challenge Cup.

This is Ljubisic’s second appearance in the Top 10 Athlete’s Choice Awards, and in 2003 he finished 10th.

Ljubisic expressed his satisfaction that in his late years he received, for him, the greatest career recognition.

– This is a reward for years of work and all the renunciation. This is not only mine, but also a recognition for the whole club, but also for handball in Republika Srpska – Ljubisic emphasized.

The award for the best athlete of the Republika Srpska was presented by Dejan Stankovic – a former footballer, and today the director of junior categories at the Inter Football Club and adviser to UEFA President Alexander Cheferin.

Stankovic presided over the jury and was in this role for the first time.

– Since we made the decision unanimously, I believe we were not wrong. It was quite difficult, but I think the decision was right. This was a great experience for me, the event was beautiful and I felt really good. Banja Luka and Srpska are in my heart and I am extremely honored to have been the head of the jury this year – said Stankovic.

“Leotard” Igor Djuric took second place in the list of the top 10, whose greatest success this year was the title of senior Balkan champion in judo.

Third place went to “April 22” swimmer Mihajlo Ceprkalo, who this year swam two “B” norms for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 100 meters freestyle and 100 meters dolphins, and has a real chance that after the Rio Olympics He also finds Janeiro among travelers to Tokyo.

Behind them came the “Bimal Unity” volleyball player from Brcko Jovan Biberdzic, “Jahorina” skier Marko Sljivic, “Prnjavor” athlete Jelena Gajic, “Igokee” basketball player Dalibor Ilic, “Radnik” football player Vladimir Bradonic, “Radnik Tomic” boxer Radenko Tomic boxer and  “Panther plus” karate player Luka Vukovic.

This award is named after the doyen of sports journalism and written words and one of the founders of the campaign “Choosing the Top 10 Athletes” Limun Papic, who spent his working life as a journalist and editor in “Glas Srpske”.

The award was established in 2003 and was the first to be awarded posthumously to the family of Limun Papic.

Source: SRNA


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