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Books from BiH in World Libraries


The Library of Congress in Washington DC and Columbia University Library in New York have cataloged the books “Architectural aesthetics” and “Cultural Aesthetics – Pattern Language”, authored by professors from the Department of Architecture, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emina Zejnilovic and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erna Husukic, and published by International Burch University in 2018 and 2019 respectfully.

The books are the result of three-year-long research and cover the topics of the complex association between anthropology and aesthetics in the architectural and urban design of Western and Islamic civilizations. The work on the mentioned works represents a significant contribution to the theory of architectural and urban design and these books represent a significant step forward from local to international academic circles.

‘’Architectural Aesthetics’’ and ‘’Cultural Aesthetics – Pattern Language’’ are two halves of a single work, forming an undividable whole. While Architectural Aesthetics provides a theoretical framework – a dictionary into the fundamental concepts related to cultural aesthetics in the architectural arena, the second book suggests a formal, visual, culturally sensitive guide or language – a possible pattern for planning and designing of single residential units.

Books of IBU Professors in World Libraries

When asked about how they came up with the idea of realizing such a project and decided to work together, the authors said: “Research of the influence of culture on visual expression in architecture is one of the aspects of our broader academic discourse that deals with the analysis of architecture as a social product. This book was initiated with a simple interest: Why do buildings and cities look in a certain way, in a certain place in a certain time and space? Aesthetics, which is an essential part of architecture as a profession, which actually implies achieving harmony in space through time, has been of particular interest to us because it is precisely the core of architectural education and the aim of every architectural product.”

The books deal with a topic that does not get enough academic attention because of its complexity but does not lose its current importance. Modern theories of aesthetics are just about the topic of these books, analyzing the nature of the reciprocal connection between man as a user and architectural material: “In times we live these relationships are weaker, resulting in an architecture where man is not in focus, and in that sense we consider our obligation as an architect and as a university professor to return to the fundamental goals of architecture as a profession,’’ the authors explain.

With a systematic approach, clear and concise language, the authors provided the necessary information and presented the knowledge in the field of architectural aesthetics. This work is with no doubt an important contribution both in a scientific and professional sense, as well as a matter that can easily find its place in the library of everyone’s home.

One of the reviews on the books says that based on this published work it is possible to see that architecture is man’s most specific expression that travels through time describing itself to all those who are dedicated to understanding this art-anthropological language.

The authors whose books are now in the Library of Congress in Washington DC and Columbia University Library in New York state that they are honored to find books in these prestigious libraries and share space with some of the most significant editions of world civilization: “We are happy to have our book accessible to the general public, as the aim of each author is to share his/her knowledge, which is also the best indicator of the success of scientific publications. On the other hand, this is a great responsibility for us, and in the future, we will justify this honor with our work and scientific contribution.”

IBU can be proud because it stands behind the publication of these books, which are included in the list of available literature by the world-known libraries, which will become compulsory literature for students of architecture and related fields.


Source: ibu.edu.ba



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