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Borenovic elected party leader


Branislav Borenovic has been elected the new president of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP), while the previous leader Mladen Ivanic has been declared the party’s honorary president.
Following a PDP electoral convention on Saturday, Borenovic said the party’s main goals would be economic recovery, struggle against corruption and crime, and attempts to stop the nation from dying away and increase the birth rate in Srpska.

”One of our tasks is to fight terrorism and extremism. We will do all we can to have a perfect organisation and make sure that every PDP member gives a useful suggestion so that we can create very important solutions for the future of Republika Srpska,” Borenovic told reporters in Banjaluka.

The former leader Mladen Ivanic said he had chosen the right moment to let the new generation take the helm.

”It turns out the party has managed to sustain these changes without any furore, that it has got a new generation, while we, the long-term members will still be PDP’s and with our knowledge help the new leaders steer the party in the future,” said Ivanic.

Source: SRNA


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