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Bosanski Petrovac: A Feast for All Sausage Lovers on Saturday


The Citizens’ Association “Rural razvoj” and the General Agricultural Cooperative “Ecorural” from Drinić will organize the fifth “Kob (j) asice” Festival on Saturday, the 25th January, which will be held in the village of Bravsko, near Bosanski Petrovac.

The central event, as in all years before, is the assessment of the quality of the finished cured meat products, and the event is accompanied by a number of other contents, as announced from this association.

The event will be held at the premises of the village community of Bravsko, and the delivery of grading samples of sausages will be possible by 2 pm.

This year represents a small anniversary because this year is the event’s fifth year in a row, so a large number of visitors are expected.

“Competitors from BiH and other countries in the region are participating. The Association has a mission of affirming rural areas in all segments. The best way to do this is to maintain tradition and strengthen our identities,” said the people from the Association, inviting all interested parties, especially gourmand, to come to Bravsko on Saturday, try the specialties and enjoy the program of the fifth “Koba (j) sice” Festival.




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