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Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece committed to enhancing relations


Speaker at the House of Peoples Stasa Kosarac, and chairman of the House of Representatives Denis Becirovic, met with the President of the Greek Parliament Evangelos Meimarakis. Their talks focused on the implementation of the decision “Sejdic – Finci” and the establishment of a coordination mechanism, as well as the betterment of economic, cultural and other relations between the two countries.

During the meeting, BH politicians told their Greek guests that there is an agreement on BH’s road to the EU, but that there are certain dilemmas when it comes to integration with NATO.

Meimarakis told reporters that Greece can contribute to BH’s path towards the EU and NATO. He added that BH and Greece already have a good relationship, but that they can improve their collaboration in terms of economic exchange.

The President of the Greek Parliament pointed out that parliamentary cooperation plays an important role in promoting cooperation between the two countries, as parliamentarians have a broader working agenda than the ministries of foreign affairs and greater opportunities for cooperation.

He called this year the year of progress in relations between Greece and BH and expressed hope that this will continue.


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