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Bosnia may experience a new disgrace at intl level, Foreign Ministry warns


Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday that June 24 is the final deadline to appoint the parliamentary delegation’s members who would take part in work of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), otherwise, the country may face “another disgrace at the international level.

“If this new and also the last chance is missed, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be the only of 47 Council of Europe (CoE) members who will not take part in its parliamentary work. If this happens, it will be another disgrace for Bosnia and Herzegovina at the international level, which will leave negative consequences on European road of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the process of making a decision on candidate status,” said the ministry.

Bosnia’s Parliament is the only competent to complete this work and has full responsibility, according to the ministry.

However, the ministry added, the Parliament “neglects the interest of people in both Republika Srpska and Federation (two Bosnia’s semi-autonomous entities), because elected MPs will not be able to participate in making important decisions as well as the election of a new Council of Europe Secretary General and judges of the European Court of Human Rights.”

The ministry urged the Parliament to act in the following days and appoint the delegation, “as the international image of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the interests of people in both entities cannot be hostages of post-election daily political outwitting.”


Source: Anadolu Agency


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