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Bosnia prepares for Sunday election, campaign silence starts


Election silence in Bosnia and Herzegovina officially started Saturday 7 a.m. and will be effective until the opening of polling stations Sunday morning, when over three million of registered voters will cast their ballot in the 2018 general election.

After the 30-day long campaign, political parties, coalitions and independent candidates are forbidden to take part in public political activities during the 24-hour period of the campaign silence, as prescribed by the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The vote will be carried out across the country at 5,794 polling stations and will be monitored by some 6,500 accredited observers, including 1,000 foreigners. Political parties will have about 60,000 of their observers at the polling stations.

The citizens will on Sunday elect members of tripartite state Presidency, entity presidents and vice presidents as well as the members of the state, entity and cantonal parliaments.


Source: ba.n1info


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