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Bosniak veto was unnessecary


Stanari, September 9  – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik believes that the Republika Srpska Constitutional Court will confirm that no vital national interest of any of the peoples is jeopardised and that it will enable the entering into force of the decision to hold a referendum on the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office.
Dodik said that the Bosniak veto to the decision on a referendum was unnecessary since it does not jeopardise the national interest of any of the peoples, but to the contrary, enables the expression of people’s will on some issues.

“Not wanting to prejudice a decision, and having in mind my understanding of the situation, I can only say that the Bosniak request to send the decision to the Republika Srpska Constitutional Court was unnecessary,” Dodik told reporters in Stanari.

Dodik expects that as early as tomorrow or on Friday, September 11, the structured dialogue will show if it has a chance to succeed.

“We are seeking quick solutions. We did not say that we would not hold a referendum, but did confirm that we were ready to try to find a solution in the structured dialogue to issues to which answers should have been given in a referendum,” Dodik said.

He said that the problems evident in the judiciary have been discussed four years ago with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton.

Dodik said that an attempt to impose any strengthening of the BiH institutions through the structured dialogue represents a violation of the BiH Constitution and will not succeed.

He says that a chance should be given to the structured dialogue in the next two to three days and that it should give clear elements of an agreement on what should be done.

The structured dialogue on judicial reform in BiH should resume tomorrow in Brussels.

The Republika Srpska Constitutional Court’s Council for Protection of Vital National Interests today is expected to review the request of the Bosniak Caucus to determine if the vital national interest of the Bosniak people was violated by the decision to call a referendum on the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the decision of the Republika Srpska Parliament, the referendum question reads as follows: “Do you support unconstitutional and unauthorised imposition of laws by the high representative to BiH, particularly the imposed laws on the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office and the implementation of his decisions in the territory of Republika Srpska?”

Source: SRNA


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