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Jelena Vujicic is the first Master of the Chinese Language in BiH


Jelena Vujicic from Brcko entered the history of the University of East Sarajevo and the Faculty of Philosophy in Pale by becoming the first student in BiH who defended her master’s degree at the Department for Chinese and English Language and Literature, and obtained her master’s degree in Chinese language.

Jelena said that it is a great honour for her to be the first in BiH to gain this title, since sinology is studied only in Pale.

She expressed her gratitude to her professors at the Department of Philosophy and the Faculty of Philosophy for their great support and willingness to be part of her research and work.

Jelena added that studying at the Department of Sinology was a great experience for her, which she demonstrated with positive results at the end.

She stated that Chinese language is definitely the right choice for those who love languages, traveling and meeting other cultures.

“It is important to know the English language well for learning Chinese language at the beginning. However, considering the good quality of lectures on Chinese language at the Faculty of Philosophy, great studying program that covers all spheres of language, and both domestic and Chinese professors, I am sure that every student will find an ideal way for learning this language,” said Vujicic




Source: sarajevotimes


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