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Bottled Water from Trnovo soon to be on the Saudi Arabia Market


The Municipality of Trnovo is releasing its first water factory in this area, at the beginning of May, as it was confirmed by the Mayor Dragomir Gagovic.

It is actually the Arabic investment worth about 2 million BAM.

“The works on the ground have been completed, and the placement of the hall construction should be finished in the next few days, followed by the installation of machines and equipment. The plan for the factory is to be officially started on May 1st,” Gagovic said. As he announces, 20 workers should get a job in the factory.

The Municipality signed a contract with investors about the placement of water.

“In this factory, water bottling will be carried out, which will be exported to the Arabian countries in quantities of 0.33 and 0.50 ml, but part of the production will remain for the domestic market,” Gagovic said.

He emphasized that this Municipality is very rich in quality and mineral water, which should be used properly.

“After the completion of the research, which confirmed the water quality, we are very happy that it was possible to start the realization of this very important project for us,” said Gagovic.

Some other investments will be realized in this Municipality in the coming period. Gagovic, among other things, distinguishes investment in the wood sector and tourism, which would give the Municipality the opportunity for new investments.




Source: sarajevotimes


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