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Božidar Maljković, guest at the 5th Business Forum of Managers in Bijeljina


Božidar Maljković, president of the Olympic Committee of Serbia and one of the most successful basketball coaches in Europe, will be one of the lecturers at the 5th Business Forum on March 19 and 20 in Bijeljina.

Many years of experience in team management, work, and talent selection, as well as creating a winning atmosphere in the team are the topics that will be discussed by Maljkovic in his lecture titled “My Way”. After a lecture, participants of the Forum will have the opportunity to watch the panel discussion “1 to 1”  between famous journalists Goran Milic and Bozidar Maljkovic.

Always welcome guest and a long-time friend of the Business Forum of Managers, Dr. Dragana Đermanović, this year is coming to the Forum to present participants the significance of digital transformation – a continuous process that is not always simple, but without which business in the world is no longer possible. The title of her lecture is “Digital Transformation. The story of you. You too. And also you. ”

Dragana Đermanović

“Digital transformation sounds frightening to many, almost as a horror film that would most likely sleep away. It is wrong that due to the lack of understanding of technology, we neglect its significance and influence on man, and again this current fear and insecurity hurts us at every step. Throughout the lecture, we will unite society, business and technology trends together. Together we will understand why everything around us is changing, why it is changing at incredible speed and regardless of our disapproval; how is it possible to have a globally successful business without products, without an office and without employees, and why then some of us who have all of this, is constantly tapping in the place, “says Dr. Đermanović.

Once again Forum  brings to Bijeljina distinguished local and regional experts from the field of leadership, management, human resources, communications, lobbying, innovation, and economics, as well as successful managers from the public and private sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.




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