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Božo Ilić From Zvornik, the Best Innovative Teacher in BiH


At the award ceremony, which was held online this year, Professor Božo Ilić, employed at the Technical School Center in Zvornik, received the award for the best innovative teacher in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the category of high schools.


















In 2016, CEI Step by Step launched an initiative to award the annual award for innovative educators, teachers, and professional associates in preschool, primary and secondary education.

The goal of the annual award is to recognize and promote those individuals who make an immeasurable contribution to the development of education, dedicated and dedicated professionals who turn every day in kindergarten or school into a magical adventure of learning and discovery.

This is one in a series of activities designed to promote the importance of the teaching profession and its role in the development of society and all other professions.

As of this year, thanks to the efforts of the Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step and the Community of Innovative Teachers, 60 awards have been given in 6 categories.

Professor Božo Ilić, the doctor of electrical engineering, has been working as a teacher for 30 years. He spent most of his rich career at the Public Institution Technical School Center Zvornik as a teacher of electrical subjects. He is the author and co-author of a large number of scientific papers published in domestic and international professional journals.

With his students and with the support of the school management, he devised a smart house model that has already won prizes at competitions in the Republic of Srpska.

At the final ceremony of the election for the best innovative teacher in BiH, he won first place in the category of high school teachers.

Professor Ilić stated that this recognition is the crown of his career as a teacher so far. He thanked his colleagues and students who participated with him in the development of the model, as well as the school administration, which regularly supports such projects.

The director of the Public Institution Technical School Center Zvornik, Goran Grujić, stated that he was proud of the success of Professor Ilić and that this recognition is proof that with good support, all teachers and students can achieve in full capacity.




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