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Branković: We believe in the judicial system of Republika Srpska, but there are some things we don’t like


The Director of the Handball Club Borac m:tel, Vladimir Branković, spoke at a press conference about a long-standing problem.

The Handball Club Borac m:tel has been in a legal battle for months over the business premises on Srpska Street (Mektir pub), and the director of the Banja Luka club, Vladimir Branković, emphasized at today’s press conference that the date for the start of the trial regarding the lawsuit to terminate the disputed contract detrimental to the club is known.

“On May 29th, the trial for the lawsuit to terminate the contract where a legal entity bought 2,000 square meters but registered 2,300 will begin. We filed a lawsuit, waiting for over a year for this case to come up. Initially, Judge Draženka Kudra was assigned, known as a good and fair judge, but we were informed a month and a half ago that there has been a change of judge and that Judge Jelena Garača is now the presiding judge who will lead this process. I have no doubt about her fairness, and I believe in the judicial system of Republika Srpska, but we will ask the court to provide us with the largest courtroom for the trial so that all interested parties, including the media and the fans of the Handball Club Borac, former players, can watch the trial live,” said the operational manager of the Banja Luka club, adding:

“It is important to note that this space was purchased with funds from the Handball Club Borac, as well as funds from the City of Banja Luka. We have never called for any riots, but if any malpractice and attempts to influence witnesses occur, for which we already have information, we will definitely organize much larger protests than in January 2023. Judges will do their job as best as they can, but we don’t like the fact that judges are changed just before the trial, and that some of the potential witnesses tell us that they have received calls.”

Branković also announced that Borac m:tel will organize an art competition on the theme of attempting to take away the club’s business premises.

“We will invite all graphic designers, cartoonists to submit their works, and in the end, we will organize an exhibition and reward the best works, just to leave a trace of what has been happening, and to draw attention to what is happening in Banja Luka through humor.”

The Banja Luka handball team expects the end of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup in late May, and according to Branković’s words, the club has applied to host the final tournament.

“The Handball Club Borac has applied and stated that it will meet all the conditions listed. According to an unwritten rule we have had so far, it is now the turn of the club from Republika Srpska to organize the end of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup. Accordingly, we can hope more that the Cup will be in Banja Luka. In addition, the Women’s Handball Club Borac has also applied, so that weekend would be a handball festival. There would be six quality matches, as many refereeing pairs, a lot of handball workers and managers, and fans, which would certainly contribute to the development of handball and sport, making Banja Luka a handball center. Bids will be opened on Monday at 3:00 p.m., and the Board of Directors and the commissioner will decide where the games will be played. Honestly, for the reasons mentioned, I would like it to be Banja Luka. We will prepare ourselves to be good hosts and to win the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the field.”


Source: mondo.ba/Dragan Šutvić


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