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Bratunac: Drina River is a new tourist potential


The development of rural tourism through the promotion of healthy food, active rest and the promotion of the Drina River are the main goals of the association of women “Maja” and “Priroda” from Bratunac. The European Union has invested 75,000 KM in this project.

Within this project, several households will promote their products. One of them is the household of Bojana Bozilovic, who produces healthy food in greenhouses.

– The idea is to create an eco village where I would promote healthy food and my goal is to enjoy healthy food first of all – says Božilović.

The idea is to form a rural tourist arrangement for guests who want nature, a healthy environment and an active holiday.

– The plan is to offer tourists the opportunity to pick mushrooms, medicinal herbs and other products in nature – emphasizes Zeljana Pjevalica from the association “Nature”.

The goal is to help rural households reach foreign and domestic guests more easily.

– Our primary goal is to make the Drina River a new tourist destination in our region – said Nada Markovic.

Within this project, one cottage will be formed, a museum where all products, healthy food and local crafts will be displayed and promoted.




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