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Bratunac storks get three chicks after returning from their journey


For the past ten years, a pair of storks has been coming back to the Eastern-Bosnian town of Bratunac, and this year they got three little chicks in a nest near the local hospital.

Branko Filipovic, along with other enthusiasts and nature lovers, has observed, took care of them and even fed them over the years.

“Luckily, the storks returned, and they got chicks. I live in a building high above the nest, and I watch them with binoculars. I’ve seen three chicks, but there might be one more,” Filipovic said, adding he hopes more storks would nest in Bratunac which would then be known for its storks.

“We hope the colony would spread because everyone loves storks,” he said.

Filipovic noted that Bratunac residents would soon start making more stork nests making the city more attractive to these birds.

Another Bratunac resident living near the nest, Aleksandar Loncarevic, said he too is watching the nest.

“I watch them every day. They come here in late March or early April returning to their old nest. That’s when I call my friend Boban who also enjoys watching them,” Loncarevic said.

Both Loncarevic and Filipovic are observing these birds, and Filipovic even keeps a journal. As all other Bratunac residents, they too wish the storks would keep coming, and there would be many more nests in this town.


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