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Brave Čajić Brothers Very Successful in Motorcycling


When three years ago they entered the world of motorcycle racing at the age of 13 and eight, the brothers Mihailo and Vuk Čajić from Rogatica had few who could expect to become real collectors of medals by now.

Last year alone, under the coaching baton of father Miroslav, who is an amateur in the sport, the brothers participated in 12 official moto races and rejoiced their family, as well as the entire Rogatica, by winning as many medals. Of these, two are the brightest, the gold, the four silver, and the six bronze. But knowing what conditions they are training in, and how inexperienced they are, all these medals are valuable gold.

At the end of last year’s moto-season that ended with the Serbian Open Championships in Bačka Topola, Vuk Čajić finished third in Serbia in the overall ranking of the MDJ 65 class, and since the BiH championship does not yet have an appropriate class for such young competitors, he competed in a stronger, MD 85 class and won second place, although he was by far the youngest of all participants.

– To sum it all up, Mihailo, who is fifth in BiH and Serbia, spent about 100 on his KTM 85 engine, and Vuk on his KTM 65 spent about 90 hours, and together they traveled over 10,000 kilometers on the course, including daily training, – says the proud father.

Such success of the Čajić brothers would hardly be realized if, with their father Miroslav, selfless support was not given by the entire family, as well as the parent club, AMD Rogatica. With them, sincere assistance and support have come from the Motorcycle Associations of Serbia and BiH, as well as more sponsors from the Rogatica municipality, as well as a number of motorcycle clubs from the Republic of Srpska, BiH and Serbia.

– We would like to thank everyone, especially the Moto-club “Tanasko Rajić” from Čačak, who have really helped us a lot. There was also no media support, many of us wrote about us, especially the “Voice of Srpska”, and we were followed by many TV stations from the Republic of Srpska, BiH and Serbia – Miroslav Čajić explained.

The results of the Čajić brothers have not echoed, so many clubs are already interested in them, including the most persistent ones from Serbia. The Čajić family have not decided anything yet, but they point out that everything will be known until this year’s first race, which will be held in March on the Leštane track near Belgrade.


Source: Voice of Srpska


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