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Brazil the next World Cup Champion?!

World Cup

Brazil will be the next World Cup Champion – in the final match the Brazilians will beat the Spaniards 1-0, says “Bloomberg Sports”, the world’s leading company in sports analysis.

According to simulations conducted by Bloomberg, BH will go through to the knockout stage but will lose to France, whilst Croatia won’t make it past the group stage.

Bloomberg’s estimates are based on an analysis during which they simulated every game a hundred thousand times?!

Previously, each team was assigned a coefficient that influenced the form, quality, rating, climate …

According to Bloomberg, the most even group is group D, which will see Italy and England go to the next round.

In their analysis Bloomberg gave Brazil 49.5%, Argentina 36.7 %, Germany 32.4 % and Spain 29.3 % chance of winning the World Cup.

Earlier, BH’s coach Safet Susic said that BH has a realistic chance of securing second position in the group phase and making it to the next stage, adding that surprises are common and can be expected in World Cup matches.


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