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Bringing the “Hollywood Effect” to Business

Danijela Hagblom Head of Media Production Megadeals International Sweden

How the Digital Age is Reshaping Trust Building

Trust and relationships have always been key in business. In the past, they were often built through physical meetings, events, and business trips. However, the traditional norms of building relationships and trust have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has rapidly moved towards digital interactions. According to a McKinsey report*, digital adoption accelerated by five years in 2020 alone, and now that rate is even higher.

This rapid transformation raises a critical question: How can we build trust in business in the digital age?

The answer may lie in what I call the “Hollywood Effect,” where visibility results in familiarity. While this approach is not new in the world of celebrities, its application in the business arena is both innovative and necessary. Just as we feel a connection to celebrities through constant media exposure, a similar approach can be leveraged for business professionals.

However, not all businesses are on board with this concept yet. Traditional methods still dominate many sectors, making the shift to digital-centric thinking challenging. Some professionals may not like being in the spotlight or feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Others might be sceptical about investing time in building a digital persona and thought leadership.

For those in key business positions, particularly in sales, it’s no longer just about selling a product or service. It’s about selling oneself and creating a digital persona that complements and enhances one’s professional reputation. This is where the Hollywood Effect comes into play. By cultivating a digital persona that is both engaging and authentic, business professionals can open doors and build connections that were previously out of reach.

My colleagues and I at Megadeals employ various methods to guide our clients in leveraging the Hollywood Effect to their advantage.

An active and targeted social media presence is the first step. It’s about more than just being online and sharing trivial details; it’s about engaging with your audience in a meaningful way. Sharing insights, joining conversations, and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry will boost your visibility and strengthen your position as an authority. The Edelman and LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study* found that 89% of business decision-makers say thought leadership enhances their perception of an organization. This consistent engagement builds a relationship with your audience, making your name and brand familiar.

Another powerful tool is hyper-targeted advertising. Collaborating with agencies that specialize in this area can significantly amplify your brand’s visibility. As a result, clients start seeing your face, brand, and key messages everywhere—while browsing the web, walking out of a company building, and scrolling through social media. They begin to wonder, “Who are these guys?” And before they even have an answer, you’re sitting with them in a first meeting, being treated as someone they’ve already met.

Beyond social media, making Google search results relevant to your key personas is essential. When “googling” their name, people should land on a variety of content, preferably video, as it has the biggest impact on creating the “Hollywood Effect”. Ideally, this content would be associated with third-party media, such as podcasts, media conferences, or speaking events. Even if these activities are beyond your reach, thanks to different digital media tools, you can build your own media presence without dependency on third-party media houses, which was the case in the past.

You can always create the content in-house by, for example setting up a podcast dialogue with a colleague, which you then publish on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms preferred by Google.

In conclusion, as the digital age reshapes how we connect and build trust in business, embracing the Hollywood Effect offers enormous potential. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. Businesses still need to balance traditional methods with digital innovation opportunities. Face-to-face personal connections remain the most powerful, but they are not scalable in terms of time reach and geographical limitations.

By embracing the full potential of digital media, you’re not just opening doors to more dynamic business interactions; you’ll walk into each meeting with the confidence and appeal of a red-carpet entry.

*1 https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/strategy-and-corporate-finance/our-insights/howcovid-19-has-pushed-companies-over-the-technology-tipping-point-and-transformed-businessforever

*2 https://www.edelman.com/expertise/Business-Marketing/2022-b2b-thought-leadership-impactreport

Danijela Hagblom Head of Media Production Megadeals International Sweden

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