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British IHS will select a Company for Oil Exploration in BiH


A company for international consulting in the field of energy IHS from the United Kingdom, submitted an offer on a public call of the Government of FBiH, in which they expressed their interest to provide consultancy services in the process of negotiations for the concessions for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the territory of FBiH.

In other words, the main task of IHS would be to help the Government of FBiH to choose a company that will explore and maybe even exploit the oil.

IHS has represented numerous companies and governments, and this company was also involved in creation of public tenders for oil exploration in neighboring Croatia.

To recall, the interest in oil exploration was announced by the French oil giant “Total” in a letter of intent, in which was stated that they would invest a billion USD in oil exploration in the FBiH, and the petroleum companies “Key Petroleum” from Australia and “Spectrum” from Great Britain also sent their letters of intent.

Recently, representatives of “Shell” showed their interest in this job again, but they did not attend the meeting in the Government. Before assigning the job, the expert consultant needs to prepare all the documentation in order for the best company to get the job and at the same time, in order for the Government of the FBiH to receive its profit.


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