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Brod Oil Rafinery: The Construction of Gas Pipeline Has Started


Construction of a 1,850-meter gas pipeline has begun on the territory of the Brod Oil Refinery.

By this, the implementation of the second phase of the gasification project has started, which involved the professional staff of the refinery as well as the local specialized construction companies that have the knowledge and experience gained in the successfully completed projects with the Oil Refinery. Completion of the pipeline assembly work within the company, is planned by the end of this year, said the Oz Optima Group.

The gas distribution network at the Brod Oil Refinery will increase the flexibility and efficiency of the refinery, reduce the interdependence of production units and result in lower production costs.

As a part of the second phase of gasification, the overhaul of the gas pipeline, crossing the Sava River is planned (during the last month, the research and diagnostics of the crossing was completed), as well as the connection to the main gas pipeline on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. By the end of December, the results of testing of the gas terminal located in Croatia are expected. After the completion of these works, a detailed plan of overhaul and further realization of the project of gasification of the Brod Oil Refinery will be formed.

It is expected that the outcome of the second phase of the project, will also be the start of the first delivery of natural gas to the refinery.

The commissioning of the direct pipeline is planned for the third quarter of 2020.

We would like to remind you that earlier, from the Brod Oil Refinery, it was announced that on the 24th October, 2019 an agreement was signed in Zagreb, between the companies “Kroduks plin” d.o.o. and “Plinakro” Ltd., which carried out the purchase of gas terminals on the territory of Croatia, for the purpose of further realization of this project. The Refinery pointed out that the signing of this contract is of strategic importance for the successful realization of the project.

Immediately after the signing of this agreement, the management of ”Zarubežnjeft”a.d. presented the program of realization of the first phase of the project, commissioning the new boiler room with the possibility of using combined propellant – natural gas and fuel oil. A total of 6,6 million euros was invested in the construction of the new boiler room.




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