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Brussels on the Special Envoy for Kosovo and Metohija


Appointment of EU envoys for Belgrade-Pristina dialogue isn’t currently discussed in Brussels, according to Tanjug sources at headquarters of EU administration.

They also state that if this issue is on schedule, it will not be put “on the table” in the next few months.

“If this is meant to be discussed, it will be further in the future when the new European Commission is set up, which should be decided by the new High Representative and the EU Council of Foreign Ministers,” Tanjug sources in Brussels said.

The European Commission does not want to comment on media reports about Germany and France’s joint initiative to appoint an envoy for a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, like the United States did, and EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic says the EU’s High Representative is in charge for mediation.

“The EU High Representative, through the mandate of the UN General Assembly, mediates in the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo, which aims to fully normalize relations through a legally binding agreement”, Kocijancic told Tanjug. She also recalled that the EU has a strong network of delegations in the region and that the EU high representative has a mandate to mediate in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, according to a decision of the UN General Assembly.

Brussels excludes the possibility for EU member states to nominate their own envoys on their own initiative. It is being reiterated that the dialogue is sponsored by the Union and that in this process, transparent and democratic functioning without contradictions in the ways and objectives is crucial.

He added that the EU has so far appointed special envoys mainly for “crisis areas and situations”.

The Commission also points out that Angelina Eichhorst, who is referred to by the media as a possible choice for EU Special Envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, will continue to serve as the Director Western Europe, Western Balkans, and Turkey at the European External Action Service which, as in previous years, entails offering assistance to the EU High Representative in dialogue mediation.


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