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Budget of the Ministry of Finance will increase by 50% in 2014

Vlada RS

The Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska will have a 50% larger budget next year, this means that instead of this years 7.7 million KM next year it will spend 11.6 million KM.

In the proposed budget for next year it is noted that this Ministry will instead of this years million KM for subsidies for support of investment and employment, allocate 4.3 million KM.

The gross wages of employees in this Ministry will add up to 5 million KM.

As for the other ministries, the budget for next year will remain about the same, apart from the increase in allocations for salaries and benefits, this information is based on a statement of reason for the budgets proposal which will be discussed in the National Assembly in a few days.

The Ministry of Health will spend almost 3.7 million more than this year, however the Health Insurance Fund will receive 7 million KM instead of this years 5 million, reported Capital.ba.

The budget of the Office of the Presidents of Srpska, compared to this year, will increase by 260,000 KM, however the support of projects for the construction of facilities for children and youth will increase to 2.6 million KM from 2 million.

The budget of the National Assembly of RS will be increased by 1,121,000 KM, amounting to 10.63 million. MP’s will instead of 1.16 million KM next year receive 1.28 million KM and instead of 500,000 KM, 700,000 KM will be allocated for caucus funding.

As was expected, the largest increase in budget, in comparison to this year, will happen in the Republican Electoral Commission, which will spend 903, 000 KM compared to 123, 000 KM spent this year.

The Government of Srpska next year plans to spend 7.269 million KM, which is 788.000 KM more than this year.

The budget for next year is planned in the amount of 2.04 billion, which is 95 million KM more than this year, whilst the budget reserve will amount to 2 million KM .

Employment subsidies and investments

2013 – 1.000.000 KM

2014 – 4.308.000 KM

Subsidies and incentives for economic development

2013 – 19.600.000 KM

2014 – 10.000.000 KM

Transfer to Health Fund

2013 – 5.000.000 KM

2014 – 7.000.000 KM


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