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“BUDI ZDRAV KO DREN – Be Healthy as Dren”


My educational background

My love and strong believes goes to healthy life style and production of unique products the area of agriculture from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I turned a family business (family Sabljic) into a cooperative union of growers and producers that makes and sells high nutrition value “Cornelian Cherry” products. With the introduction of modern processing, in future we can make and sell premium products. In the development of this business I had the opportunity to cooperate with engineers and ICT experts as a result of that today we have an option to sell our products through web. I’m Founder CEO in Budi Zdrav Ko Dren.














About organization

The international NGO “BUDI ZDRAV KO DREN – Be Healthy as Dren” (BHAD) aims at
serving the general interest of the community in Drvar, Western part of Bosnia and
Herzegovina and significant parts of the Western Balkans. BHAD objectives are to improve
competitiveness of agro-food value chains for Dren production, processing, sales and
distribution, reducing unemployment and integrating remote and undeveloped regions. As a learning organisation, BHAD leads social cohesion and business development of agricultural producers and agribusiness stakeholders towards knowledge-based society and conducts an important mission to ensure sustainable production of healthy and competitive products.














“Budi zdrav ko dren” regular services: We change healthy wishing into healthy living. It’s a process we call healthy motivation. Regular services can be divided into four main pillars, introduction of traditional way of production, organisation of production, economic
performance and healthy motivation. BHAD started in 2010 as a family business making and selling „Dren “fruit products, Jelly, Juice, Liquor, Rakija and many more.














By 2016 we started to promote: planned growth of the Dren plant, mostly wild-grown
a in majority of places where it grows in Europe; sessional jobs of collection; and small
investments in innovative production technology to boost production capacities, while
preserving organic or traditional properties. Apart promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, advancing manufacturing, environment protection and adjustments to climate changes we are making significant impact on personalised nutrition, diets, and health and wellbeing of our members and clients.

Areas of our expertise cover: Entrepreneurship support, development of cooperatives,
innovative business models through advancing communication and cooperation of
stakeholders throughout the value chain, advancing production technologies, processing and distribution, personalised nutrition and diets for prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, fevers, rheumatic pain, skin and urinary tract infections, kidney and liver diseases, sunstroke, among others.


The most recent successful projects: Katana Reward Crowdfunding Campaign (Horizon 2020/EU funds), Bond (Horizon 2020/EU funds), Drenijada local manifestation, Brendaonica workshop.
My efforts and work have been recognized by numerous domestic and international organizations from which we have received significant acknowledgments and achieved co-operation.
We have created a network of associates and trained members to jointly participate in EU funds.


Find us: www.budizdravkaodren.com

Jovanka Sabljic, mag.oec.
IPMA project manager


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