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Building monuments – city gate and monument to Srpska planned


Two monuments are planned to be built in East Sarajevo, one of which would be located in Goli Koran settlement in Pale, where the most important decisions related to the creation of Republika Srpska were made, while another one would be called the City Gate – which would symbolize 120,000 Serbs who were forced to leave Sarajevo during the recent war.

The East Sarajevo City Assembly adopted a conclusion at the last session, which obliged Mayor Nenad Vuković to plan funds in the 2020 budget or the budgetary rectification for the conceptual design for two monuments related to the past defensive-patriotic war.

Vuković told SRNA that the conclusion was adopted at the initiative of the councilor Goran Šehovec, who is also the head of the Ilidža War Veternas Organisation.

“One monument would be called the Monument to Republika Srpska and would be built in the settlement of Goli Koran in Pale with a special symbolism, given that the most important decisions for creation of Srpska were made there and all institutions were created in Pale,” said Vuković.

According to him, the second monument would be called the City Gate or the Triumphal Gate and would symbolize the exodus of Sarajevo Serbs.

“The City Gate would, in some way, symbolize 120,000 Serbs who fled from Sarajevo at the beginning of the war or during the exodus at the end of 1995 and early 1996,” Vuković emphasizes, adding that the plan is to built the monument in the place where the municipalities of East Novo Sarajevo and East Ilidža merge, which, again, has some kind of symbolism.

He notes that he previously discussed this idea with senior officials and received the principle consent by Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, as well as the minister of labour, war veterans and disabled persons protection of Republika Srpska.

According to him, there is a consensus among other relevant political factors in East Sarajevo regarding the construction of these two monuments, which would round up the overall image of all monuments related to the past defensive-patriotic war.

“This is about grand memorials that require more funds and involvement of all levels of government for funding and implementation,” Vuković emphasized, adding that he is convinced that other war veteran organisations in the city will support this initiative as these would be important memorials for all – East Sarajevo, Pale and entire Republika Srpska.

Šehovac tells SRNA that the city of East Sarajevo deserves to have some landmark that would be recognizable the region wide, therefore he has initiated the issue of constructing museum-type memorial, which would be called the Triumphal Gate, or the East Sarajevo City Gate.

He pointed out that the Triumphal Gate would be dedicated to Serbs killed in Sarajevo and those who were forced to leave the city.

“We would like this monument to show the truth about the Sarajevo Serbs who were not aggressors,” said Šehovac.

He explains that the City Gate would be located on to merging line between two municipalities, in the street through which nearly all Serbs from Sarajevo fled, especially during the exodus.

Šehovac said that the monument in Koran should remind that the town of Pale was the capital of Republika Srpska in which all major decisions on Srpska’s survival were made.


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