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Buildinig Gacko 2 will provide further energy stability


Construction of a thermal power plant Gacko 2 will provide a new energy security to Republika Srpska, ensure long-term coal mining and electricity generation, and create new jobs, President Milorad Dodik said on Tuesday.

After the singing of a general agreement on building Gacko 2 between representatives of the Government of Republika Srpska and Chinese investors, Dodik told the press in Banjaluka that the technology life cycle of the old thermal power plant in Gacko is almost ending and that enormous funds are invested in the repair of the plants and extension of operations.

“It is high time to build a new facility which will provide security both to the jobs and to Republika Srpska. The Chinese side was very appreciative during the negotiations on this matter and understood the circumstances we are in,” said Dodik.

The Srpska president is certain the project will begin very soon and says there are many details that will have to be harmonised.

The commitment to build this project together speaks of the realisation of our policies we previously defined as the power in Republika Srpska, when we said we would focus on making it possible for our Elektroprivreda (Transco) to build new primary plants, said Dodik.

He says that when the project was negotiated, the demand was that the technology to be installed comply with all European standards, adding that the example of the Stanari Thermal Power Plant showed that the Chinese side could provide that, because all environmental certificates have been obtained.

Dodik thanked the Chinese state leadership for showing interest in Republika Srpska’s development and Chinese enterprises for seeking a market here.

“This guarantees that some other projects will be implemented too, especially concerning primary production of electricity; we will also resolve the issue of building more motorways,” said Dodik.

He said that Republika Srpska had already implemented the Stanari project together with China and that many other issues were discussed, including the construction of a hospital in Doboj, the motorway from Banjaluka to Prnjavor, parts of the motorway between Vukosavlje and Brcko, and from Banjaluka to Mrkonjic Grad and Kupres.

“These are all comprehensive projects on which we gather various experiences through negotiations with Chinese companies. Chinese investors have proved to be very good partners who wish to understand our circumstances and requirements,” said Dodik.

Republika Srpska is working on investments that will provide not just new jobs but long-term security and stability as well, said the president.

Dodik voiced the conviction that the Gacko 2 project would be a success, which he said was proved by the good intentions of the Chinese partners.

The president of Republika Srpska also said an agreement would be signed with Russian partners by the end of the week concerning the construction of a gas generation facility.

Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Djokic and representatives of the China Machinery Engineering Corporation and Emerging Markets Power Fund signed the general agreement on Gacko 2 Thermal Power Plant construction project whose worth is estimated at more than one billion convertible marks. 




Source: srna


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