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“Burek” on the Moon by 2015


Inventiveness, creativity and a desire to explore space, and a 30 million dollar award, have motivated the ”Synergy Moon” team from Tuzla to send a robot to the Moon.

Namely, the teams founder Nebojsa Stanojevic, will launch a real robot into space at the end of 2015, the launch will be broadcast live by the Science Channel and the Discovery Channel. Ten days ago the team managed to launch a rocket in its first trial flight from a civil airport in California.

Google is the organizer of this particular Race to the Moon and has set firm conditions; a privately funded aircraft, Moon landing and a 500 meter trip across the lunar surface, the robot is expected to transmit videos, images and data back to Earth. The team that succeeds will win 30 million dollars.

Stanojevic aims to launch a rocket and two robots, one of which is being constructed in Tuzla, and to promote international cooperation in space exploration.

Synergy Moon represents a collaboration of individuals from over 15 countries, while team members are pioneers in human space travel and interplanetary exploration.

The team will use a lunar direct launch of a modular rocket to carry a lunar lander and a rover to the surface of the Moon before the end of 2015.

Stanojevic said that he is working on sending „burek“, a recognizable symbol of B&H, to the moon on board the robot „Tesla“, adding that this has been his wish from the very beginning of this project.


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