Political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic said that the burning of a Serbian flag, which was preceded by the attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in Srebrenica, is a step towards terrorism, “because the one who is today burning a flag will enter a church tomorrow and kill those found there.”

He told SRNA that the hatred a part of Bosniaks feel towards Serbs, Republika Srpska and Serbia and everything that is Serbian was manifested in the burning of an “identity flag” and noted that this is not just the hatred towards others, but the hatred towards a part of themselves.

“Bosniak extremists know their roots, they know that they are of Serbian origin, and this hurts them the most. It is good to read Mesa Selimovic’s books in order to understand better these things,” Andjelkovic says.

He stressed that all extreme behaviours and doings of Bosniaks in BiH cannot be separated from the issue of the incomplete and undefined identity of Bosniaks.

“They do not want to admit their roots but invent various things knowing that they are not true, and then they hate both themselves and others,” Andjelkovic said.

According to him, if the EU really cares for its values it must force Sarajevo to change something since that way, he says, it will not fight only for its European values but against terrorism as well.

“Nothing will be done to eliminate the danger facing everyone until the war atmosphere is eliminated,” Andjelkovic said.

He says that the BiH authorities alone have not done anything to suppress such occurrences.

“Finally, they cannot undertake anything since the Bosniak elite was in alliance with those who are today spreading the terrorist infection. In the 1990s they were on the same front against Serbs and now they are divided – some act more civilised, like Europeans, and others continue with terrorism,” Andjelkovic said.

He stressed that metaphorically speaking, these are family matters and nothing will change “until someone from outside puts the pressure [on the authorities] so that this can be eliminated,” Andjelkovic said.

“I refer here primarily to the EU since it is threatened as well. If BiH is about to become a hotbed for terrorism, it is only the matter of time when Islamist phalanx will set off for the West and when this danger will be redirected to London, Paris and leading European countries,” Andjelkovic said.

He said that the security services in BiH hardly can deal with the danger stemming from the fact that hundreds and maybe even more than 1,000 people fought in Syria and that they came back, and with the fact that there are training centres for them, particularly because this is happening with the tacit approval of the political elite in Sarajevo.

“Simply, it is hard to control the situation and change the context that is being created in the Muslim part of BiH, and this context is that hatred, intolerance and a sort of hegemonistic position towards Republika Srpska and Serbia are still being tolerated,” Andjelkovic said.

Source: Srna


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