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Business Forum of Managers Bijeljina 2020: Leadership in Times of Crisis Reveals Opportunities and Strengthens Potentials


The crisis is always an opportunity for adaptable, innovative, and change-oriented businesses and other organizations and institutions to strengthen and find new ways of smart business and cooperation with the community, for the benefit of all – this is the key message of the 6th Business Forum of Managers Bijeljina 2020.

The event dedicated to leadership in times of crisis, under the slogan ReThink & ReStart, with respect to all epidemiological measures, and the physical presence of fewer than 50 people, but with more than 10,000 views of the broadcast that was broadcast during both days, was held from 27-28. October in Bijeljina.

The general sponsor is the City of Bijeljina, the sponsor is the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the partner is the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka.

The city of Bijeljina is hosting the event for the third time, and this year, instead of new (mega) trends in the field of modern business, the organizers dedicated lectures and panel discussions to basic business lessons, restructuring of organizations for and due to “new normalcy”, challenges for the economy, family businesses and prospects for the development of dual education and short cycle studies.

“The Business Forum of Managers of Bijeljina 2020, which has already become a tradition, provides a true picture of the situation in the city of Bijeljina. It is especially important that the Business Forum is organized today, in this situation, when we are all focused on how to preserve health, it is also important how to preserve the economy and companies “, said Mićo Mićić, the mayor of Bijeljina.

“The task of a business is to develop, regardless of the complexity, specifics, and challenges of the moment in which they find themselves. Businesses are evolving and will continue to grow and it is the responsibility of leaders to do so in the most optimal way. Our companies have learned to operate in improvised conditions, they have learned to adapt, our people know how to work under pressure, and that is something that will prove to be crucial and extremely important in overcoming this crisis as well. The fact that we are learning and exchanging knowledge with each other about business in Bijeljina at this very moment shows that not only are we ready for this challenge but that the time to come represents a much better opportunity for growth and development “, said Dragana Đermanović, business consultant and award-winning entrepreneur whose speech “Business in 5 lessons” opened the Forum.

“Today’s leaders are facing a world in which society and technology are changing faster than the ability of most organizations to adapt,” said Vladimir Vulić, a management consultant and co-founder of the “Digitalize.Me “, one of the most important organizations in the region, which promotes and initiates digital transformation, whose lecture continued the Business Forum of Managers Bijeljina 2020.

Vulić took the participants and viewers through his lecture “Restructuring the organization for a new normalcy”, citing concrete and instructive examples, explaining what the transition from yesterday’s to today’s logic looks like, how an organization for a “new normalcy” should be structured and what is the management model we need to succeed in the future.

The second part of the first day of the Bijeljina 2020 Business Forum was marked by a panel discussion Challenges for the economy during the corona era, with the participation of Mićp Mićić,  the Mayor of Bijeljina, Staša Košarac, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Goran Račić, the President Banja Luka Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The second day of the Business Forum of Managers of Bijeljina 2020 began with a lecture on the generators of new employment and the pillars of the domestic economy – family businesses. With an emphasis on the potentials of the Bijeljina region, the author of the Family Company project, Dragan Močević, spoke about the biggest challenges, but also about the solutions and possibilities for overcoming them.

The Bijeljina 2020 Business Forum ended with a panel discussion on the development of dual education and short cycle studies.




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