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Businesses in Srpska Started Manufacturing Protective Masks


Some companies in Srpska have already reoriented their production and started manufacturing protective masks for the needs of their employees, as well as other companies, the RS Chamber of Commerce said.

They point out that, due to the spread of the coronavirus, the domestic market, among other things, lacks protective masks, and that the chamber, therefore, surveyed domestic textile companies in order to find a solution to this problem.

– The masks are mainly made of cotton and are reusable. We especially emphasize that there are companies in this field that are ready to completely re-divert or reorient part of their capacities to the production of masks, for which they need to provide the necessary raw materials – they said in the Chamber of Commerce.

They added that a total of 12 companies have expressed their willingness to contribute to overcoming this problem so far, and are convinced that others, including sole proprietors, are ready to partially or completely reorient their production in order to supplement the production of masks compensated for the lack of these products in the domestic market.




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