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Businessman from Republika Srpska and Germany agree to collaborate


Businessmen from Republika Srpska and Germany will showcase themselves together on the labor market of the German provinces Rheinlande Pfalz and Saarland; this was agreed on by representatives of the provinces and the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka.

Representative of the Ministry of Economy of the German State of Rheinlande Pfalz, Roland Jost, said they are interested in a long-term partnership in all areas of economy in Republika Srpska.

“We have potential for future cooperation. Ninety per cent of businesses in our province are small and medium-sized enterprises that are interested in cooperation with Republika Srpska”, said Jost.

He added that this region of Germany is particularly interested in enterprises from the energy and timber industries, as well as those in the sector of higher education.

“This is our first meeting. Next year we will come to Banja Luka with ten to twelve businessmen which will specify the collaboration and give it more validation”, said Jost.

President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Banja Luka, Goran Racic, said that businessmen from Republika Srpska wish to achieve better regional cooperation.

“A foreign trade agreement was established last year between Germany and Republika Srpska amounting to about 240 million EUR. This year there was an increase in foreign trade activities, while Republika Srpska’s export to this province is about 35 percent”, stated Racic.

Racic added that it is important to note that Germany is in fourth place on the ladder of Republika Srpska’s trading partners.


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