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By rising against fascism, the Serbian people of the Krajina showed a road it will take


The Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, today wished a happy July 27, Uprising against Fascism Day, to all participants of the People’s Liberation War /NOB/, noting that by this uprising, which was among the first in Europe in WWII, the Serbian people of the Krajina showed a road it will take.
“This was the road of great sufferings, for the wellbeing of all the mankind. The sacrifice the Serbian people made was huge. Many villages on the slopes of the Kozara Mountain were without any male at the end of the war. Our mothers and grandmothers wore black scarves for their whole lives, and no one has the right to forget it ever,” Cubrilovic says in a written statement.

He said that the uprising against fascism was organised in the Krajina 75 years ago, when farmers armed with axes and scythes attacked fascists who occupied Drvar and Grahovo, after which the uprising spread to Grmec and Kozara where first fights with fascists and Ustashe of the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/ took place on July 30, 1941.

“Of course that there are those who would like to revise silently and insidiously the history so that peoples and states which suffered the most in the anti-fascist struggle would be declared fascists and former fascists and Nazis should be those who would nurture anti-fascist ideas. This is why we will not give the memory of July 27 to anyone. The Serbian people gave more than it had in the fight against fascism and Nazism. Much more than any other people in the Balkans,” Cubrilovic said.

He stressed that one must not forget the fact that concentration camps for children existed only in this part of Europe only because these children were Serbs.

“The memory of a great number of victims and the anti-fascist heritage are our debt to our forefathers but also to our descendants who should and must remember this fight and sacrifice we made,” Cubrilovic said.

Source: Srna


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